What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow

The stage adaptation of the cult novel – the history of the residents of the American provincial town.


venue: Capitol Musical Theater, Big Stage
date: March 25, 19:00
time: 1 hour 50 min
tickets: 20 and 25 PLN
spectacle for 15+ viewers

director, pedagogical supervision: Marcin Czarnik, adaptation of the text: Paweł Sablik (Faculty of Drama Directing, 4th year) under Marcin Czarnik’s pedagogical supervision, stage design, choreography, costumes, lighting director: Milena Czarnik, dramaturgy: Paweł Sablik, Patrycja Kowanieska under Marcin Czarnik’s pedagogical supervision, music and musical direction: Dawid Sulej Rudnicki, video, photo for poster and program: Natan Berkowicz, vocal preparation: Justyna Motylska, Musicians: Dawid Sulej Rudnicki, Grzegorz Bąk, Michał Peiker, Piotr Domagała, assistant director: Zofia Gustowska, Patrycja Kowanieska
cast: Amy: Małgorzata Walenda, Becky: Marianna Linde, Bonnie: Iga Rudnicka, Arnie: Dariusz Pieróg, Gilbert: Przemysław Kowalski, Tucker: Jakub Sielski

Arnie jumps out and runs into the house, letting the screen door slam. It’s a miracle that he’s lived this long. He’ll be turning eighteen on July 16, a little less than one month from today. Who would have thought? The party to end all parties is being planned. For the members of my family, especially my mother, Arnie’s eighteen birthday will be the biggest day ever. More treasured than Thanksgiving, with more presents than Christmas, Arnie’s birthday will also unfortunately bring the return of the other Grapes.
Each Christmas season the Endora Savings and Loan offers its customers a family portrait. We haven’t had one taken in years, due to large part to Momma’s inflation and, I guess, because we think that families are what other people have.

(Peter Hedges, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”)

Society has its standards of normality. What does not fit into the digestible pattern can be difficult for people to accept, for instance:

a mother who would eat her own hand
retard brother, who is afraid of water
emotionally unstable sister
the best friend you cannot count on
wilting house
stink of garbage in the kitchen
dirt and dust on the carpet
mildew on your clothes

all this can make you
want to erase this house
to erase these people

The stage adaptation of the cult novel by Peter Hedges “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”. The history of the residents of the American provincial town, with musical hits in new arrangements and a live band. This is a story of adolescence and longing, of what bothers us, and how to avoid being eaten from inside.

Photo Natalia Kabanow

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