Time: approx. 60 min

Director, screenplay, choreography and music: Natasza Sołtanowicz, dramaturgy, lyrics: Joanna Kowalska, set design, costumes: Marianna Lisiecka (Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław), lighting director: Kamil Jach
Students and graduates of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wrocław: Joanna Kowalska, Katarzyna Faszczewska, Marta Franciszkiewicz, Magdalena Zabel, Martyna Matoliniec, Natalia Maczyta-Cokan, Zuzanna Kotara, Joanna Sobocińska, Malwina Brych

In a world where death is placed at the margins of our day-to-day experience, we want to ask if we are still able to experience death in our daily dimension. Dead body, silence, crying, abandoned objects, clothes and emptiness become a reference point for considerations about mechanisms of memory, forgetting and the role of memories of the dead in building our own identity. How does the world of the dead affect the world of the living? Can the living influence the lives of the deceased?

Drawing inspiration from the ancient mourning ceremonies of various cultures and referring to the folk figure of a woman wailing at the funeral, we will try to unveil the dimension of the experience of loss. Lament as a tool for mourning and the beginning of a ritual that accustoms death to its contemporary, private and social dimensions will help us explore the relation of words and sound during the funeral rituals. The basis of the performance is polyphonic singing performed by nine women and the visual dimension of the body.

Foto: T. Walkow ©PPA