Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura

If a Polish band (don’t be confused with stylized „Balkan” name) goes to the legendary festival of gypsy orchestras in Serbia and returns home with a decision to continue the activity, you have to know that something is happening, you have to know that they are tough players.


venue: The Capitol Musical Theater, Festival Club
date: March 23, 21:30
time: approx. 1.5 hour
tickets: PLN 10

after the concert: DJ Dotyk Dźwiękiem

artistic director of the festival club: Michał Litwiniec

Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura: „fire guns of contemporary bohemianism”, collectors of uncontrolled overblowings, fast and dangerous kings of turbo groove, cynical romantics on the verge of falsehood. This band is a bridge connecting the art of East and West, connecting old and young, combining water with fire, hot rhythms of Majorca Party with gypsy freedom and German Ordnung. Envying Gypsies of their culture and talent, Tsigunz steals traditional melodies from the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East, and India to desecrate and torpedo them with the inventions of the 21st-century music, using hands, legs and modern instruments developed in Japan, made in China.

And all this transferred to the Polish ground, with the traditions of the Polish jazz school and post-romantic references to the Slavic melodics. The visual side of the performances is not without significance. The love for facial hair, tombac jewelry, and characteristic jiggling results in frenetic feedback from the audience.

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