TR Warszawa: Other People

venue: ATM Bielany, ul. Dwa Światy 1
date: 20 March 2020, 18:30
duration: 2 h 10 min, no intermission
tickets: 110 PLN without transport, 120 PLN with transport (bus departure from the Capitol theatre 17:30)

for viewers 16+

text: Dorota Masłowska, adaptation, direction, set design: Grzegorz Jarzyna, costumes and make up: Anna Axer-Fijałkowska, photos: Radek Ładczuk, music: Piotr Kurek, Krzysztof Kaliski, beat producer, DJ/VJ live: Michał DJ B Olszański, beat producer: Bartek Kruczyński

cast: Marcin Czarnik, Natalia Kalita, Magdalena Kuta, Rafał Maćkowiak, Maria Maj, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Aleksandra Popławska, Tomasz Tyndyk, Adam Woronowicz, Yacine Zmit, Agnieszka Żulewska and Michał DJ B Olszański

The latest book by Dorota Masłowska in the theatre adaptation of Grzegorz Jarzyna, the first musical in the artistic career of this director.

Our guide in the urban jungle is 32-year-old Kamil, a boy from Grochów in Warsaw, who earns money by selling drugs, and dreams of a hip-hop career. Together with him we set off on a journey deep into the city, confronting various environments and social classes, from celebrities to the homeless, and from tenants of downtown apartments to residents of peripheral blocks of flats. Luxury cars and trams, gyms and chain stores, shopping centers and night clubs – there is a ruthless struggle for attention, love and acceptance everywhere.

“Other People” is an attempt to portray Poland three decades after the transformation, a story about a community bursting from inside with prejudices and hatred. About Polish society where interpersonal bonds break, and national identity is built on hostility to others: Ukrainians, Vietnamese or gays. This is the story of people possessed by the vision of virtual happiness, told in the trash language of advertisements, online posts and media reports, which poisons like smog and blocks authentic communication.

Can we cross class barriers?
Can we break the information bubble and understand Others – those who think differently, have a different value system, language and taste?
Is there more to join us together than internet access?

The performance is participatory, realized by a collective which included among others actors from the TR Warszawa ensemble, composers, artists of the Warsaw hip-hop stage, graphic designers, animators, visual artists and video creators. Dozens of Warsaw residents from various backgrounds lent their images and voices to audio and video recordings used in the performance.

sound design: Maciej Szymborski, vocal preparation: Arek RAS Sitarz, lighting design: Aleksandr Prowaliński, graphics: Adrien Cognac, animations: Julia Nędzyńska, letters: Luka Rayski, illustrations: Maciej Chorąży, editors: Adrien Cognac, Piotr Czarnecki, Krzysztof Fischer, Wiktor Zmysłowski, Aleksandra Żwan, sound editing: Jerzy Szelewicz, choreography: Paulina Przestrzelska, producer: Karolina Pająk, assistant to the director: Katarzyna Gawryś, assistant to the costume designer: Olga Mazur, assistant to the costume designer (video): Marta Piotrowska, Janek Zagdański, stage manager: Wojciech Sobolewski, production cooperation: Magda Igielska, lighting engineer: Kacper Stykowski, video engineer: Łukasz Jara, Adrian Hutyriak, sound engineers: Łukasz Faliński, Miłosz Pawłowski

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photos Marcin Oliva Soto

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