The Whale The Globe

Krzysztof Globisz as the title whale, thrown on the ocean shore, Zuzanna Skolias and Marta Ledwoń as Greenpeace activists who try to save him, water him and sing songs to him.


venue: The Capitol Musical Theater, Scena Ciśnień
date: 25 March, 20:00, March 26, 18:00
time: 1 hour 40 min
tickets: 60 PLN
for viewers 14+

text: Mateusz Pakuła, director: Eva Rysová, set design and costumes: Marcin Chlanda, music: Zuzanna Skolias, Antonis Skolias, choreography: Cezary Tomaszewski, light design: Mateusz Wajda, multimedia: Jennifer Dzieło, Przemysław Celiński, Przemysław Fik, cast: Krzysztof Globisz, Zuzanna Skolias, Antonis Skolias, Marta Ledwoń

festival producer: Grażyna Górka

But who helps and who is being helped? The text of award-winning playwright Mateusz Pakuła is a story of empathy, getting out of illness and bringing help, of words , of things that words cannot say, of the healing power of music, of tenderness, childbearing, limits of imagination.

The text was written for Krzysztof Globisz, an outstanding actor, arduously recovering after a stroke of several years ago. This is therefore not only a stage creation, a production with a story and a message, but also – or perhaps above all else? – a form of public rehabilitation of a man and an artist who does not give up. “We are looking for words together with Krzysztof,” said the director Eva Rysová about working on the show.

The world is the stage.
My brain is the stage.
I am the stage.
Sometimes I feel everything.
For a moment I’m more diverse
than a casual crowd.
All epochs belong to me for a moment.
All souls have their place for a moment
in me.
But there are such waves
such storms and squalls
which make
the ocean separate from me.
Then you stay with nothing.
As if water’s miraculously parting
and I stay in this gap
in the sand between the walls of water
and I cannot walk because I do not have legs
because I’m a fucking fish.
Filled with emptiness to the brim

Premiere: 12/9/2016, production: Teatr Łaźnia Nowa and Teatr Stary in Lublin, Divine Comedy Theater Festival

The performance was co-produced with the Stary Theater in Lublin and was exhibited for the first time as part of the 9th edition of the Divine Comedy International Festival.

The performance was recognized as a production of unique artistic and humanistic value and honored with the special prize of the monthly “Teatr” for the theater season 2016/2017

Fot. Krzysztof Bieliński