The Sand Child

Adaptation and direction: Mikołaj Woubishet, music: KAGYUMA (Kama Salach, Agata Majewska, Julia Kulpa and Marta Mackiewicz) and Kajetan Dudziński, lyrics: Jan Naturski, choreography: Barbara Olech, set desing and costumes: Magda Flisowska
Cast: Mikołaj Woubishet, KAGYUMA, Kajetan Dudziński, acrobats: Jacek Marks and Bartek Nowak

A performance inspired by the eponymous novel by Tahar Ben Jelloun. A polyphonic poem embedded in the atmosphere of Arabic tales, a story about freedom and transgression, about crossing the borders of self, about suppressed and nascent sexuality.

The story about a woman who had been giving birth “to one daughter after another till she hated her own body”, about her husband who decided that another child would be male, even if born a girl, and about Ahmed, who under other circumstances might have born a girl’s name, but had to understand quickly that his life would depend on keeping up appearances.

All the characters from the Ben Jelloun novel will be played by the members of the Kagyuma band, they also composed the music for the performance.

Foto: Ł. Giza ©PPA