Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej

The Improv Musical Show

The IMPROKRACJA Theatre together with the ImproBand take viewers into the world of improvisation where every tune, word and movement is invented on the spot.

venue: Impart, Chamber Stage
date: March 25, 18:00, 21:00
time: approx 1 hour
tickets: PLN 1
16+ viewers

direction, script, lyrics and choreography: collective work of actors, musical direction: Karol Bulski from ImproBand, vocal director: Jakub Tarka, production: Patrycja Wróbel, cast: Natalia Cyran, Michał Gruz, Artur Jóskowiak, Joanna Jóskowiak, Tomasz Marcinko , Mateusz Płocha, Mateusz Skulimowski, Anna Wojtkowiak-Williams, Improband: Karol Bulski (keyboards), Tomasz Kamiński (percussion instruments), Filip Nowak (electric guitar), Andrzej Kaszuba (bass guitar), Bartek Wielgosz (saxophones)

producers: Joanna Zabuska, Wojciech Miłek

“The Improv Musical Show” is an improvised musical spectacle created with the help of spectators. Together, we will discover the story, relationships and passions of the characters involved. We will experience what we like most in musicals – some tragedy, some laughter, some tears, a lot of emotions and memorable tunes.

Everything that happens on the stage is unique, to be seen only once.

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