The Finale

Part I: finalists of the Song Interpretation Contest
Directed by: Ewa Kaim

Time: approx. 180 min, one intemission

Part I
hosted by Roman Gancarczyk
arrangements and musical direction: Marcin Partyka

Part II
Dramaturgy: Włodzimierz Szturc and Ewa Kaim
Set designs, light, costumes: Mirek Kaczmarek
Arrangements and musical direction: Dawid Sulej Rudnicki
Director’s assistant: Ewa Rucińska

Cast: Aleksandra Adamska, Weronika Kowalska, Katarzyna Nosowska, Ewelina Przybyła, Roman Gancarczyk, Krzysztof Globisz, Jerzy Trela

The song can be a poem, a sermon and a journalistic program, a handy medium of lyrical states of the author’s soul and performer, a mirror in which the world is reflected. Melody and words – metaphorically or simply – can describe social, political, economic, social and cultural changes. With a song you can delight, irritate and teach.

We will listen to Polish hits and poems tonight. Some of them were the soundtrack of our childhood and adolescence. For some of them we were either too adult or too young. Solemn protest songs and intimate confessions. Stories about the injustice of the world and the discomfort of our country. Tales of hatred, unbelief, but also supplications for freedom and love.

Who are the artists today – the inner emigrants, the blue birds who have been robbed of their wings? What’s wrong with this world and who is to blame for this? And finally: is there any chance that it will be better? Is good in human hearts but a dream?

Foto: T. Walkow ©PPA