Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej

The Finale Concert

The musical show “Out of the System” is inspired by the science-fiction movie “THX 1138” directed by George Lucas.

Part I: finalists of the Song Contest
Part II: Out of the System, or The Big Brother Listens

venue: The Capitol Musical Theater, Big Stage
date: March 29, at 16:00 and 20:00
time: approx. 3 hours with one intermission
tickets: 90, 120, 150 PLN

part I: Finalists of the Actor of the Song Interpretation Competition

screenplay and direction: Martyna Majewska, arrangements: Dawid Majewski

Whom we will see in the finale of this year’s competition, it will turn out on March 22 late in the evening. On that day, after the second part of the auditions, the artistic council of the festival will select the finalists. During the Finale Concert, the performers will be judged by The Jury: Maja Kleczewska, Magda Umer, Łukasz Maciejewski, Jan Młynarski, and Bogusław Sobczuk.

part II: Out of the System, or The Big Brother Listens

screenplay: Michał Kmiecik, Marcin Liber, directed by Marcin Liber, set design, costumes, visualizations: Mirek Kaczmarek, arrangements and musical direction: Adam Lepka, translations: Michał Kmiecik

This is a dystopian vision of humanity as a large corporation working for the all-powerful state headed by the Orwellian Big Brother.

Songs from the second half of the twentieth and early twenty-first century – are they appropriate for the closing system, or is there no place for them, because of their form, content, and finally the performers’ choices, their attitudes? This “censorship session” witnessed by viewers will be led by the invisible Big Brother. The actors will play employees – prisoners? – of a dystopian administration, and perhaps for the last time they will perform songs strictly selected by Big Brother and his camera.
The creators announce the story of resistance and its strategies. Of music that accompanies fight, revolution and change. They want to look at individual strategies of resistance to political systems, social norms, battles with the music industry, which creates stars and throws them off pedestals, subversive artistic strategies, questioning the meaning of entertainment music and the conditions in which it functions.

– We are going to listen to songs that need to disappear so that the system can close. We will listen to songs that will have to disappear so that the system stays closed – the realizers announce.

The songs will be sung in Polish and English with the subtitles. They will also be translated into sign language.

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