The Fairy Tale Horn-Violins

A musical tale.

venue: Impart, Chamber Stage
date: March 23, 18:00, 21:00
time: approx. 1 hour
tickets: PLN 1
for viewers 18+

direction, set design, texts: Aleksandra Mazoń, music: Emose Uhunmwango, Grzegorz Mazoń, arrangements: Marcin Król
cast: Emose Uhunmwangho (vocal) and Beata Wołczyk (horn-violin), Ewa Andruszkiewicz (horn-violin), Dariusz Wołczyk (horn-viola), Kinga Chudzikowska (horn-cello), Piotr Hałaj (tuba, sousaphone)

producers: Joanna Zabuska, Wojciech Miłek

The horn-violins are real instruments, they were patented in 1899, and by the 1920s they were the most important instruments in the studio-recording industry. Their unusual sound, Emose Uhunmwangho voice, and poetic texts will make for a fairy tale spectacle for adults.

There is an old witch, once a sorceress. The viewers can observe her in her hut while she is preparing a great feast for them. She’s cooking a meal while telling fairy tales from her childhood to the delight of the guests. Is the distant world of magic closer than we think?

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