venue: Teatr Muzyczny Capitol, The Festival Club, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 26 March 2020, 22:00
tickets: 10 PLN 
after the concert: DJ Dotyk Dźwiękiem

SIKSA (born on November 21, 2014 in Gniezno, died on July 27, 2019 in the Czech Republic). Daughter of Ciarka and Porażka de domo Freiheit. She spent the first years of her life not competing. Extremely talented, she completed her trial without getting a diploma. Being invited she did not cooperate, after having experienced great love she was writing songs on lyrical topics. Combines an imprecise craftsmanship with a limited palette.

In her work we can see disappearing rural cottages, old manor houses, clumps of trees, grasses, reeds, streams bathed in ash and panic. Wild geese are getting ready to take off, the subject goes underground. A veteran never named “Agnieszka Osiecka of the Polish Underground”. After the war, SIKSA lived in a ventricular septal defect, feigning a heart murmur.

If you are an alpha male aspiring to bourgeois splendor, who wants a woman to be sexy at any time and efficient in the kitchen, do not invite your girlfriend / wife / concubine.

If you want to see SIKSA because you heard from a friend that it is strong and fashionable stuff, you have to know that you are going to get hit straight between your eyes. It’s not nice and encouraging, it’s not a feminist guidebook and it’s not solidaristic – it’s vulgar, spontaneous, imperfect; there’s bluff, there’s puke, there’s kick into male chauvinism and female submission.

Alex Freiheit (singing and reciting) and Piotr Buratyński (playing bass guitar) are twenty-something years old, they come from a medium-sized city with a symbolic meaning for Poles (Gniezno), and in life they deal not only with music, thanks to which they have a more sharp picture of the world than full-time artists. Their “songs” are actors’ études from life and the media, and their “spectacle” is a shocking suite of rage and despair.

Hiccups are not female. Quote of the year, fuck. Hiccups are not female.

You have been warned.

photo: artists material

producers: Michał Litwiniec, Filip Surowiak

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