ShataQS: Fenix

A beautiful comeback! ShataQS, the aspiring star from the TV talent show from several years ago, is just a memory. Małgorzata Kuś – under the characteristic stage name – has changed beyond recognition.


venue: The Capitol Musical Theater, Ciśnień Stage
date: March 31, 18: 00
time: about 1 hour 10 minutes
tickets: PLN 25

cast: Małgorzata Kuś, Magdalena Kuś, Ania Piotrowska, Julita Franciosa, Urszula Górska, Maciek Czemplik, Bartłomiej Chojnacki, Eddy, Kasia Pakosa, manager: Krzysztof Kubański

“Fenix” is a story about changes, building our own reality, dealing with personal pain, and above all about taming the “Ego” so that “I” can arise. All texts were written in Polish (important: when an artist addresses the listener directly, and not through the wall of semantic Englishness, she gives proof of maturity, not linguistic capitulation), and the music was recorded with the use of instruments in Pythagorean 432 Hz, that is, minimally lower than common practice orders.

– This is my first step towards Slavic roots – says ShataQS. – I discover the sources of my own existence and natural sounds of voice for me. Repeated words are mantras that focus the listener on building what we want, not fighting against what we do not.

The artist in the recording studio was accompanied by guitarist Maciek Czemplik, double bass player Bartek Chojnacki and versatile percussionist Eddy. Work on the material took three years, and its effect is a music full of unusual, good energy, escaping genre divisions, flowing from heart to heart.

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