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Sevdaliza: The Great Hope Design. Feat. Leszek Możdżer

Featuring: Leszek Możdżer

Coming from Iran, Sevdaliza is a total artist (composer, singer, dancer, director, painter and sculptor) on the verge of international fame.


venue: Capitol Musical Theater, Large Stage
date: March 24, 18:00
time: about 1 hour 20 minutes without a break
tickets 60, 80 PLN

cast: Sevda (vocal), Leon (keys), Anthony (drums), Elodie (dance), Jonas (cello)
festival producer: Marta Dzwonkowska

Songs are just one of the means of expression for Sevdaliza (easy to hear the most important sources: old-fashioned trip-hop, modest club electronics, a bit of European classical music and a lot of influences of traditional Persian music), because the artist is most fully expressed in richly and imaginatively staged film forms that touch universal problems, never actually worked through by humankind: objectification, enslavement, lack of love.

Sevdaliza fits the modern world, full of everyday transgressions. And at the same time, she’s a provocation to all those who would like to label her simply as a “Persian beauty”.

Sevdaliza, with virtuosity, uses symbols extracted from various cultures, and hermetical – yet so clear! – allusions, juggling with stereotypes and texts of culture that have been (sometimes rightly) forgotten.

She is delicate, strong and courageous. She’s beautiful. She is a woman. She is human.
photo: artist material

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