Pissed Off Women in A Pit That Was Poland

Time: 80 min

Text: Maja Staśko, directed by: Przemysław Wojcieszek, music: Ola Rzepka, stage design: Agata Andrusyszyn
Cast: Adrianna Izydorczyk, Kinga Jasik, Marta Parzychowska

The pissed off women in a pit that was Poland are: Aleksandra – a good girl from the suburbs, Samanta – a slut from a block, Barbara – ugly or pregnant, Magda – easy and dirty, Renata – a local girl, Martinique – a classy girl, Nastazja – a rat girl, Dominika – a fitness Mary, Natalia – a cashier, Marta – a horny one, Dobrawa – a queen and Agata – a sad cunt. A dozen or so-monologue-songs: from resignation through disagreement to rage.
Women are 51 percent of the population. 51 percent, which – as the finale says – have no right to decide about their bodies and their lives, get lower salaries no matter how hard they work, and no one ever asks their opinion before patting their ass.

Photo Filip Zawada