Peace on Earth

The story of the Apollo 11 mission, as a result of which the man first set foot on the moon.

venue: Impart, Chamber Stage
date: March 24, 18:00, 21:00
time: approx. 1 hour 20 minutes
tickets: PLN 1

script and direction: Mariusz Sibila, set design concept; elements of set design: Olaf Brzeski, performance; elements of set design: Monika Konieczna, animations; elements of set design: Hubert Pokrandt, costumes: Artur Mazur, music: Adam Porębski, Kamil Radek – percussion instruments
cast: Małgorzata Szczerbowska, Tomasz Kocuj, Tomasz Leszczyński, Błażej Wójcik, Dariusz Maj 

producers: Joanna Zabuska, Wojciech Miłek

The creators look at the socio-political context of the space program, the “American Dream”, influencing in a fundamental way the culture and ways of thinking of the entire contemporary world. They ask questions about the proper purpose of the mission, about the instinct of expansion, about seeking the chief goal for human race. There is also another, perhaps the most important question – is technology and its development our evolutionary future, which can be viewed with optimism and which leads us to immortality, or whether it is a fundamental threat to humans.

An extraordinary fusion of documentary and literature with a rich sphere of audio, painting and multimedia.

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