Nut Ferment, ep. 19

Nut Ferment is a live talk show performed at the Capitol Musical Theater in Wrocław since 2014.


venue: The Musical Theatre Capitol, Scena Ciśnień
date: March 24, 20:00
time: approx. 1 hour 30 min
tickets PLN 45

screenplay, direction and hosting: Konrad Imiela, stage design and costume consultation: Mateusz Stępniak, video production: Bartłomiej and Piotr Bartos / Manifiesta, sound production: Krzysztof Borowicz
producer: Tomek Lektarski

cast: Emose Uhunmwangho, Karolina Czarnecka and Katarzyna Groniec

The host of the series is Konrad Imiela, in each episode there are three guests – soloists or bands. Each guest sings three songs, including one cover of another performer appearing in the same episode. Live episodes are recorded and can be viewed on YouTube later.

This time, Nut Ferment is again devoted to the “stage song”, hence the unique selection of guests – singing actresses. It was similar in the first season of Nut Ferment, when Justyna Szafran and Sztylety, Bartosz Porczyk and Formacja Chłopięca Legitymacje with a special participation of Dariusz Juzyszyn were the guests.