Magda Umer and Mumio: Przybora na 102

A meeting of Jeremy Przybora with Magda Umer and Mumio is the same for “stage songs” aficionados as a match between Barcelona and Real is for football fans.


venue: The Capitol Musical Theater, Big Stage
date: March 27, 20:00
time: 2 hours
tickets: 60, 80, 90 PLN

screenplay and direction: Magda Umer i Mumio, actors: Magda Umer, Jadwiga Basińska, Dariusz Basiński, Jacek Borusiński, musicians: Wojciech Borkowski, Tomasz Drozdek (Mumio), Maciej Szczyciński

producer: Natalia Szlachtowicz

The best songs from the legendary Polish Kabaret Starszych Panów (otherwise known as the Old Timers’ Cabaret).

Why Magda Umer? Whispering with her magic whisper and piercing the audience with her aquamarine gaze, Magda can make the audience – both young, and adult – concentrate on border of hypnosis. She does not sing with her throat. She sings with her soul (Agnieszka Osiecka).

Why Mumio? They amazed me with total originality. Everything is new, and excellent there (Jeremi Przybora).

And why Jeremi Przybora? Because Przybora – like a song – is good for everything, not to mention the occasion of his birthday. The show was created in Warsaw’s Och-Teatr a year ago, on the occasion mentioned in the title (“Na 102” can be translated as “a hoot and a half”, but it also means the 102nd birthday of the famous author) and turned out to be a predictable success in every aspect.

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