Love in Leningrad

A few years ago, the spectators in Wrocław enjoyed “Leningrad”, a brilliantly performed set of songs by the Leningrad bad of St. Petersburg.


place: Impart, Large Stage
date: 28 March, 20:00 | March 29, 18:00
time: 1 hour 40 minutes
tickets: PLN 35, PLN 45
for 16+ viewers

Municipal Theater in Gliwice
script and direction: Łukasz Czuj, lyrics and music: Sergey Shnurov
(Leningrad), translation of songs: Michał Chludziński, stage design and costumes: Elżbieta Rokita, chorepgraphy: Maciej Cierzniak, musical direction: Remigiusz Hadka, vocal direction: Ewa Zug, stage inspector: Marek Migdal

cast: Karolina Olga Burek, Mariusz Kiljan, Łukasz Kucharzewski, Aleksandra Maj, Dominika Majewska, Tomasz Mars, Małgorzata Pauka / Katarzyna Dworak, Maciej Piasny, Michał Wolny, Mirosława Żak, the band: Damian Drzymała (drums), Remigiusz Hadka (guitars, accordion, piano), Michał Sosna / Robert Kamalski (tenor and baritone saxophone), Bartłomiej Stuchlik (double bass, bass, piano)

producer: Patrycja Wróbel

“Love in Leningrad” is a continuation of that show, realized according to a proven principle: more, stronger, louder. Mariusz Kiljan again performs the role loosely inspired by the figure of Sergey Shnurov, the authentic leader of Leningrad, a respected musician, showman and successful entrepreneur.

The show takes place in the club “Love” in St. Petersburg. The people in the restaurant are characters from the songs of the Leningrad band, coming out of Shnur’s head. The artist lives fast and loose, escaping from a real and imaginary hell. His story is endlessly sad one: there’s money, drugs, fashionable clothes, trips to the West – where you can experience freedom, but only as much as your visa allows.

Leningrad: explosion of a rock firecracker in pop soup, colorful dream, Saint Petersburg by night.

Photo Jeremi Astaszow, Michał Ramus

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