Katarzyna Groniec: Ach!

Time: 70 minutes, no intermission

Katarzyna Groniec: vocal, Łukasz Damrych: keyboards, Tomasz Pierzchniak: bass, double bass, Łukasz Sobolak: drums

The audience loves Katarzyna Groniec for her ability to delight with interpretation and musicality without showing off. Her singing and being on stage is the quintessence of the so-called “actor’s song” – a song that builds a theatrical spectacle around lyrics and music that last only a few moments.

“Ach!” is the title of the artist’s new album. This is a story about the barren land, the lost land and finally, the promised land which we miss, we try to get to, and lose it again. And again from the beginning, for everything is a cycle that ends well every now and then! In the end, we come back to life, but on one condition. That we still have someone to love.

“Am I happy?” asks Katarzyna Groniec. “Yes. Actually, I could say: like never before. Calm, bright, conscious. So why are my songs sad? I do not know. The easiest way is to say (and I often say this): because I like sadness. And I do not say anything more. But there is something more. Something that flows out of the depths, when I happen to arrange melodies and words. As if I were falling into some other world full of echoes and blues, which intimidates the other, rational me, with its beauty. In turn, the other me, who shakes the softness of the former, can mock this melancholy and azure world mercilessly. So I pull myself out of the blue lake by the hair as Baron Münchhausen pulled himself out of the swamps, and then again I dive into the lake. So, am I lying like him? It’s possible…”

Foto: Ł. Giza ©PPA