Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej

Kala Sound System and Adrianna Styrcz

Kala Sound System was created by combining the forces of tireless energy of Art Cafe Kalambur in Wroclaw and projects by Zebra Dub and Michał Litwiniec (Niburu Project, Kormorany, Karbido).


venue: The Capitol Musical Theater, Festival Club
date: March 31, 21:30
time: approx. 1.5 hours
tickets: PLN 10

artistic director of the festival club: Michał Litwiniec

This merger proposes innovative compositions based on low frequencies and a wide range of live instruments in the oriental-experimental tone. The composition is complemented by vocally positive Martyna Baranowska from Chili Crew (her voice seduces with delicateness and lyricism) and Pablo Raster (a music producer from sunny Italy, compatible with locals).

The special guest of Kala Sound System will be Adrianna Styrcz, vocalist of Sinusoidal, Gooral, Cuda and Eklektik Ensemble (in free time listening to gongs, and flying kites). The artist will perform a series of cover songs and songs from her first solo album, and saxophonist Piotr Łyszkiewicz and guitarist Maciej Mazurek will play along, (for the such a mess is a piece of cake, though you never know what will happen when Adrianna sings).