Jorgos Skolias & Piotr Rachoń

So, at last: a phonographic culmination of longstanding cooperation of excellent artists and a concert premiere of the album, of which, according to the spirit of this cooperation, not a single sound will be heard today.


venue: The Capitol Musical Theater, Festival Club
date: March 25, 22:00
time: approx. 1.5 hours
tickets: PLN 10

after the concert: DJ Filip Na Bosaka

artistic director of the festival club: Michał Litwiniec

The album is called „Free” and it is a word that, like no other, reflects the character of the music of Skolias and Rachoń – free and unpredictable.

The circumstances of this recording are someway poetic. Imagine a spacious, light-filled studio interior located in the heart of the mountains, with a view of the slope and the forest. And artists who enter this studio – equipped with a grand piano and the most sensitive microphones – without any compositions prepared before, without sketches and plans.

Dozens of minutes of completely open improvisation. Jorgos Skolias singing in various – real and nonexistent – languages, playing with words, using sophisticated vocal techniques or simply singing from the heart, like a child. Piotr Rachoń – a shaman of the piano, master of mood and groove – listens, searches, hints, guides, follows. Music without direction and without a harbor, free as a wave at sea. You can not repeat it, for this music was not created to repeat it.

If you are looking for the mystery of art, if you wonder what the act of creation looks like here and now, this evening will be a joy for you.

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