Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki: A Night in the Big City, Natty Congeroo & The Flames of Rhythm

Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki
Jan Emil Młynarski: vocal, banjo, Marcin Masecki: piano, arrangements, musical director, Jerzy Rogiewicz: drums, Piotr Wróbel: sousaphone, Tomasz Duda: saxophone, Jarosław Bothur: saxophone, Michał Fetler: saxophone


Natty Congeroo & The Flames of Rhythm
Natty Congeroo: vocal, Henry La Bas: double bass, Harry La Mamba: semi-acoustic guitar, Teddy the Sizzle: tenor sax & piano, Evan the Killer Diller: trumpet, Jo Jo Swingin: drums

Pre-war Polish jazz … There was such an animal, now forgotten, its traces were covered with the fifties’ and sixties’ swing and modern jazz, from which grew the later power of what we know as the world-famous Polish Jazz. But before that… Before that, people were dancing jazz in the fashionable and expensive premises of Warsaw, Lvov and Vilnius. And very few people called this jazz – jazz. It’s been one hit after another. The songs were performed by popular actors, and written by the most prominent composers of the time (Henryk Wars, Jerzy Petersburski, the Gold brothers), who had bought records from the USA and Berlin, which was the European capital of entertainment. “Jazz” songs were played in movies, cabarets and revues.

Now, Marcin Masecki and Jan Emil Młynarski reach for this wealth. The Jazz Band manner is exaggerated, “pre-war”. The whole undertaking is focused around the spirit of Adam Aston – the most outstanding pre-war Polish entertainment singer and Henryk Wars – the most important Polish pre-war pianist, arranger and composer. Marcin’s arrangements and Janek’s voice give the old story a whole new breath.

The English music and performance group Natty Congeroo and the Flames of Rhythm delves even deeper into the past. It’s hundred percent swing and everything is like a hundred years ago when jazz was nothing more and nothing less than a dance. The charismatic vocalist, dancer and leader, along with the nice group of swinging troublemakers, follow the simple rule: we’re gonna make you dance or return cash for tickets.

Foto: Ł. Giza ©PPA