Improkracja & Capitol: Say Something, Sing!

venue: Teatr Muzyczny Capitol, The Festival Club, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 20 March 2020, 21:00
duration: ca 60 min
tickets: 40 PLN
after the show: DJ Discomfort

cast: Justyna Szafran, Artur Caturian and Mikołaj Woubishet – actors of Capitol, Joanna Jóskowiak, Anka Wojtkowiak-Williams, Michał Gruz, Artur Jóskowiak, Tomasz Marcinko, Mateusz Płocha, Jakub Tarka – actors of Improkracja

Special, “review” edition of a new series of impro-meetings: this evening Capitol will be represented by the winners of the Grand Prix in the Song Interpretation Contest: Justyna Szafran (1996), Artur Caturian (2016) and Mikołaj Woubishet (2008).

Once a month on the Restaurant Stage, actors from Improkracja theatre meet the Capitol artists. Each evening is unique in form and content, the scenes once improvised will never happen again.”Say something, sing!” – these three words sound like a desperate backstage whisper when an actor forgets what to do on stage. Also – it’s a call to improvise.

This is going to be an evening with lively comedy, great musical pieces and artistic integration with the viewers, as well as a chance to watch the entire creative process: from the very beginning, first thought, till the final effect, dialogues and scenes.

Improkracja is one of the oldest improv theaters in Poland. The performances are based on improvised comedy scenes, which, created live and without a script, surprise the audience as well as the actors themselves. Improkracja stages their shows regularly for 8 years in Wroclaw, and became a permanent feature in the comedy landscape of the city. Theatre members gained experience in improvisation at iO Theater, UCB or Annoyence Theater in the USA, i.e. in the cradle of improvisation.

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