God! Homeland! – What Homeland?

venue: Impart, Teatre Hall, ul. Mazowiecka 17
date: 29 March 2020, 18:00
duration: 1 h 40 min
tickets: 100 and 80 PLN

idea script, direction: Bogusław Sobczuk, musical direction: Jasiek Kusek, visuals: Marek Grabowski

cast: Jan Frycz, Andrzej Grabowski, Daniel Olbrychski, Marcin Januszkiewicz, Weronika Kowalska, Adrianna Kućmierz, Agnieszka Przekupień, Anastazja Simińska, Judyta Wenda

band: keyboards – Jasiek Kusek, percussion – Piotr Przewoźniak, bass guitar – Wojciech Szwugier, guitars – Jacek Długosz, baritone saxophone – Łukasz Grabowski, first violin – Gabriela Żmigrodzka, second violin – Sylwia Namroży, viola – Anna Paluch, cello – Katarzyna Gaszczyk

Cooperation with Strefa Kultury Wrocław

Eighteen songs and poems to show Poland – sublime, grotesque, funny, clumsy, yesterday, contemporary, scruffy, noble, repulsive… And most of all – dramatically divided.

Eighteen images of Poland and Poles from the great collective portrait. We are like that, whether we like it or not.

Grand masters of The Word – Daniel Olbrychski, Jan Frycz and Andrzej Grabowski – recite. A generation (or two) younger vocalists – sing.

The eclectic variety of texts and the surprising juxtaposition of their authors (from Słowacki and Wyspiański, through Herbert and Kornhauser, Osiecka and Młynarski, to Kaczmarski and Kleyff, Staszewski, Wołek and Zaleski) prove that both questions about Poland and the answers to them preoccupied the minds of poets over a long time.

The authors and performers only say: “Yes, this is Poland. It’s us”. The audience evaluates…

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