Gang Śródmieście

The band consists of Karolina Czarnecka, actress, Magda Dubrowska, journalist and Nela Gzowska, teacher, and these are the only undisputable facts related to the Gang Śródmieście. For when it comes to music (or wider definition: to the public image of the group), opinions are extreme and depend on tastes and worldviews. For some, it’s “veils, brocade and Zorro-style masks. Housing blocks and exaggerated girlishness “, for others – “feminist shit”. The Gang is a self-sufficient and self-propelled creation. Girls compose music and write lyrics, create electronic foundations and simple, yet ingenious music videos. Irony mixes in these songs with seriousness, lyricism with rapacity, punk with techno, and shanties with hip-hop.

DJ Siwy plays after the concert