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“Many circumstances and adventures have contributed to the end result of the struggle with sound matter” – thus Igor Boxx and Magiera explained a stylistic extravagance of their first album, “Underpop”, a few years ago.


The Capitol Musical Theater, Festival Club
date: March 27, at 22:00
time: approx. 1.5 hours
tickets: PLN 10

after the concert: DJ Romek Rege

artistic director of the festival club: Michał Litwiniec

A bit sober, a bit drunk. A bit serious, a bit unserious. A bit evolutionary, a bit revolutionary. Yes a bit, no a bit.

Chaos begot sense. A revolutionary change appeared on the evolutionary path, and Maciek Kurowicki, the vocalist and author of the Hurt band’s repertoire, joined the producers’ duo.

That is how the „Dwubiegunowa” (“Bipolar”) album was created. The Evorevo computer songs now have analog texts and a human voice. They tell about the inner and social life of people in the 21st century, in the times of the disintegration of the world that we knew so far. These are stories about passions, habits, addictions, fears, and accomplishments. Written by a synthesizer and a pen, laptop, smartphone, ear, and belly. Experienced, invented and overheard. Cyberspace is mixed with the physical world. Cyberpunk with synth pop.

Truth with a lie. A man with a machine. The law and the fist. A bipolar world.

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