DJ set (sur) écoute

“DJ set (sur) écoute” (an untranslatable word game, in a free translation: “a DJ set listening – a DJ being eavesdropped”) is kind of a lecture about the history of music and the phenomenon of its reception.


place: Wrocław Puppet Theater
date: March 23, 19:00
time: 1 hour 25 minutes without interruption
tickets PLN 40
for viewers 12+

production: Mathieu Bauer, Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil – CDN, performers: Mathieu Bauer, Sylvain Cartigny, Matthias Girbig, Emma Liégeois, Kate Strong, voice off: Arnaud Laporte, Blandine Masson, concept and direction: Mathieu Bauer, collaboration and music composition : Sylvain Cartigny : Sylvain Cartigny, dramaturgy: Thomas Pondevie, production management: Morgane Rousseau, sound: Dominique Bataille, set design and costumes: Chantal de La Coste
festival production: Natalia Szlachtowicz

The group of performers, masterfully using microphones, turntables, electronics, instruments, and objects of (not) everyday use, will present compositions that have constituted contemporary European music: from Richard Wagner, through Béla Bartók and Nino Rota, to hits from today’s charts.

Of course, they will not be faithful to the intentions of the authors: we live in times – and this spectacle has the ambition of being a reflection of our times – when everything mixes, when sounds are being borrowed and placed in unusual contexts. One of these contexts will be the words of Vladimir Jankélévitch, a French philosopher, writer and musicologist of Jewish descent, a great expert on German culture, who after the Second World War ostentatiously stopped accepting its existence, proving that there is no such thing as pure art.

So: where do the sounds come from? How do they influence us? How do they interact with each other? What do they mean? This spectacle-concert is part of this genre of events, thanks to which idée fixe on the constant widening of the boundaries of the PPA formula has a chance to become a body.

Photo credit Jean Louis Fernandez

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