Cezary Goes to War

Time: 60 min, no intermission

Directed by: Cezary Tomaszewski
Team: Bracia (Agnieszka Klepacka, Maciej Chorąży), Antoni Grałek, Tomasz Kowalski, Justyna Wąsik, Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak
Cast: Michał Dembiński, Weronika Krówka, Oskar Malinowski, Bartosz Ostrowski, Łukasz Stawarczyk

This camp-style performative revue is a presentation – as its creators inform – “about the coercion of usefulness and efficiency within the framework of the capitalist system and state policy, which is an extension of military policy.” The title indicates the autobiographical nature of the script by Cezary Tomaszewski, theatre director and choreographer – born in 1976, obviously remembering the Military Commissions and emotions they raised in male high school graduates. Hardly any of them got to the service, but almost everyone fantasized about what would happen when they get a rifle into their hands. This was unavoidable: healthy or sick, every conscriptee had to stand in their underwear in front of the medical committee, which was pitiful and humorous at the same time.

The show is carried out by four singing and dancing actors, accompanied by pianist. Just as during a theater rehearsal – the director wanted to show how, so to speak, men’s steel is hardened (yet not necessarily in the typical sense of the Word). Tomaszewski is an aficionado and connoisseur of classical music, so the “Afternoon of a Faun” by Debussy in the legendary Nijinsky’s choreography meets Moniuszko’s songs performed in the men’s dressing room, and aerobic exercises performed with the dedication of future Olympians are accompanied by the sounds of “Stalingrad Symphony” by Shostakovich.

The performance was awarded at the Divine Comedy festival in 2017.

Photo Pat Mic

Foto: Ł. Giza ©PPA