Can I be Whitney?

Time: approx. 60 min

Script, direction and performance: Tomasz Szczepanek, vocal preparation, preparation of musical materials: Marcin Steczkowski, vocal preparation: Agata Wrońska, video: Natan Berkowicz, artistic consultations: Ramona Nagabczyńska, accompaniment: Paulina Atmańska

Tomasz Szczepanek cannot sing. He has a poor voice, an imperfect diction and probably a few other problems he does not know about yet. Ever since he remembers, he always wanted to sing … like Whitney Houston. The singer, referred to by critics as “The Voice”, has been an unrivaled model for singers all over the world for years. Can a white man from Ostroleka learn to sing like a black woman from New Jersey? The answer to this question will be the “Can I be Whitney?” project. Tomasz Szczepanek will undergo vocal training for three months, registered in the form of a documentary. Both the film and the result of learning will be shown at the festival.

Of course, the project is about something else. Allegedly, Whitney Houston used to say to herself and other “Can I be me?” in difficult times. The pressure from the producers, the expectations of the audience prompted her to create a persona known from the stage and screen: the excellent singer and actress in every respect. However, as time has shown, it was just a part of her colorful, multi-faceted personality.

Each of us meets someone’s expectations, and at the same time wants to be her/himself – whatever means “to be yourself”. This is the story.

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Foto: Ł. Giza ©PPA