Caffe Tiger Lillies / Teatr Opera Modern

The performance is based on the works of giants of world literature: the somewhat forgotten drama “Left Home” by Tadeusz Różewicz and the poem “no one but you” by Charles Bukowski, the eulogist of freedom and the apostle of salutary egoism.


venue: Capitol Musical Theater, Ciśnień Stage
date: March 27, 18:00 and 21:00
tickets: 60 PLN

based on the motifs of Tadeusz Różewicz’s play “Left Home” with the use of Charles Bukowski’s “no one but you”, music by Martyn Jacques, screenplay, staging and direction: Jerzy Lach

cast: Justyna Bartoszewicz, Paweł Tucholski and the band The Tiger Lillies composed of: Martyn Jacques (piano, accordion, ukulele), Adrian Stout (double bass, teremin, saw, guitar), Jonas Golland (drums)

light producer: Karol Getler, technical support: Krzysztof Przymusiński

PPA production: Grażyna Górka

“The so-called comedy” (the description of Różewicz himself) is the story of middle-aged man suffering from amnesia – an illness becomes an opportunity for him to stop worrying about his despotic wife, tiring children and political duties. More than fifty years after the premiere, director Jerzy Lach replaces the male point of view with female one: not Henry, but Eve loses her memory, “accidentally hitting the head of the monument with the base of the skull”.

The Tiger Lillies, a band founded thirty years ago in London by Martyn Jacques, is a phenomenon on the European theater and music scene, despite the fact that it originated from a rich, multi-threaded and, seemingly, thoroughly researched tradition. They are predatory, grotesque, provocative. They usually perform as a festival headliners, in an original repertoire independent from any vision other than their own. But not this time. Yet the lyrics to which music was written by Mister Jacques fit perfectly into the metaphysical awe of the Tiger Lilies aesthetic.

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