Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej

Between Music: AquaSonic

Hydraulophone, a tangle of tubes and valves closed in glass; crystalophone, looking like a combination of hand mangle with a collection of drinking glasses; rotacorda – something like a horn of pathephone glued to the fragments of a motorboat drive. Plus violins, microphones, water organs and drum kits customized for underwater work.


miejsce: Teatr Muzyczny Capitol, Duża Scena
data: 23 marca, 17:00
time: 55 min
bilety: 60, 80 zł

Laila Skovmand: artistic director, composer, vocals, hydraulophone, Robert Karlsson: innovative director, violin, crystallophone, Nanna Bech: vocals, rotacorda, Moran Le Bars: percussion, Morten Poulsen: drums

Anders Boll: sound designer, Roman Komar: sound designer and sound engineer, Adalsteinn Stefansson: lighting designer, Rune Haiken Tønnes: lighting designer and light engineer, Morten Chemnitz Kirches-Ladegaard: light engineer, John Nyby: technical director and stage manager

festival producer: Marta Dzwonkowska

It took the group ten years to complete this underwater equipment, to master its handling, simultaneous singing and choreography in full immersion, without oxygen devices and often in complete darkness.

The effect of these experiments (and killing workouts) is dazzling. This is not only a concert, but also a spectacle, framed with an intricate play of light, having its dramaturgy and message. The sound phenomena generated by underwater virtuosos charms with its “strangeness”, but the music itself – harmonious, filled with rhythm, natural – is genial and quickly reaches this chamber of the heart in which children’s emotions still hide.

Photo Charlotta de Miranda