Be Like Beata

venue: Impart, Theatre Hall, ul. Mazowiecka 17
date: 24 March 2020, 17:00
duration: 2 h 20 min
tickets: 80 and 60 PLN

idea: Piotr Domalewski, text: Piotr Domalewski, Żelisław Żelisławski, dramaturgy: Żelisław Żelisławski, direction: Magda Miklasz, music arrangement and vocal preparation: Tomasz Lewandowski, scenography: Mirek Kaczmarek, costumes: Hanka Podraza, video: Kamila Paradowska, lighting design: Piotr Nykowski, make up: Sylwia Kaźmierowska-Kowalik, assistant director: Magdalena Wrani-Stachowska

cast: Maria Dąbrowska, Magdalena Wrani-Stachowska, Arkadiusz Buszko, Maciej Litkowski, oraz Jacek Piątkowski, Tomasz Stępień i Bartłomiej Makuła with special participation of Katarzyna Kossak

live music: Tomasz Lewandowski/Krzysztof Figiel (keyboards), Paweł Rozmarynowski (bass, moog), Waldemar Zieliński (guitar), Kuba Fiszer (percussion)

producer: Anna Pytlok

As you know, there is only one queen of Polish song, the one that has been singing about Małgośka for almost half a century. So who is Beata Kozidrak? The Empress? The Icon? The Goddess?

A lot of theatre and film musicals have been created based on the songs of famous artists: The Beatles, ABBA, Queen and Czerwone Gitary. The catch is, so to say, in the nuances: “Be like Beata” is, of course, a musical made up of BAJM (and Beata) hits, but it’s not the plot – it’s giving voice to ordinary, statistical Poles who love BAJM (and Beata) and want to express their emotions with words of their beloved songs.

So theatre (television) in the theatre. First – a film presentation of a participant in their natural environment. Then the presentation on stage, in costume and makeup. Everything is possible in a theatre, even the most inconspicuous retired policeman, nun or owner of a bistro with a kebab can “be like Beata”.

Poland talks about the life of the real Beata Kozidrak (whom the spectacle touched and amused), comments on her work and unique image, and finally acknowledges the obvious obviousness: for Beata time has stopped and seems to go backwards.


photo Monika Stolarska

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