A Girl from The Band

Time: approx. 50 min

for 16+ viewers
cigarette smoke

Written and directed by: Mateusz Baran Moskal_02 #, production: Antoni Rosochacki Brothers in Arts, video production: Janek Deluga, video and lighting: Mateusz Wołoczko, set design and costumes: Aleksandra Chorążyczewska, poster and photo: Karolina Zajączkowska, production assistant: Iga Gajewska

Kim Gordon: Justyna Wasilewska
Kim Gordon (video): Ewa Skibińska
and Paweł Wilczyński (guitar), Rafał Klimczuk (percussion), Mateusz Baran (vocals and synths)

Concert-performance inspired by the autobiography of Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth singer and bassist.

It will be a journey around new wave guitar music, and the viewer will decide whether he wants to attend a concert or a performance. The performance will take place in an apartment – in one room: the noise of the concert, the wall of sound, in the other: an intimate story of the artist. Two different spaces, two different Kims: the first one that burns during concerts, and the second, “more mature”, which tells the audience the story of her life.

Foto: T. Walkow ©PPA