A Filetta

Time: 70 min, no intermission

Jean-Claude Acquaviva (composer), François Aragni, Petr’Antò Casta, Paul Giansily, Stéphane Serra, Maxime Vuillamier

A Filetta (the band’s name refers to the Corsican species of fern) was established 40 years ago. Currently only two singers from the original cast appear in it, but its essence remains unchanged. The desire of Michel Frassati, the founder of the band, was to preserve and popularize traditional music from Corsica, administratively being part of France, but for centuries cultivating its cultural distinctiveness. With emphasis – as the group’s future has shown – on popularization, which meant openness to everything that corresponds with traditional, polyphonic songs from Corsica.

The band’s repertoire is broad, including both the canon (that is elaborate, though sung as if casually, with natural voices of songs whose authorship Has been forgotten long time ago), secular and sacred music, as well as numerous co-ops, with composers of film music and with improvising jazzmen.

Corsican vocalists have traveled almost the whole world, recording albums for the most important publishers (ECM, Harmonia Mundi), constantly expanding musical horizons.

Their latest album is called “Castelli”. This title is metaphorica – castles of stone. But also: sand castles, cardcastles … You can hear wisdom and melancholy in these songs. As in Borges’s poem: “I know that I lost so much that it would be difficult to count all those losses; now they are something that is mine. ”

Photo DidierDaarwin AKA Design

Foto: Ł. Giza ©PPA