16 Dogs

Direction and set design: Kamila Siwińska, lyrics, music and singing: Joanna Szumacher, pianist and actress: Małgorzata Walentynowicz, singer and actress: Aleksandra Klimczak, costumes: Tomasz Armada, composer: Krzysztof Wołek

A performance inspired by the true story of Ewa O., who ran an illegal hotel for animals and was sentenced several years ago for mistreatment of sixteen dogs.
There were more animals, however.
Ferrets, cats, rats, dogs and rabbit were kept in 48 square meters apartment. They lived in their own feces. Some of the animals were kept in a shoe cabinet, with no way out, others were injured, with paw fractures and bones’ atrophy.

In the quest for unity with nature, the sense of unity between species begins with the question of pain. Suffering is the last border, determining the sense of coexistence. Pain as an elementary experience building a community of the whole nature guarantees the unity of the world.

This thought becomes the starting point for the clash of various musical genres: classical music, contemporary opera, electronic music with references to pop – the sound layer of the performance is an image of the characters as part of the great world of creatures.

Foto: T. Walkow ©PPA