This year six performances aspire to the award. The OFF Stream is a competition consisting of two stages. First, a few months before the festival, we announce a contest for the script and from the submitted proposals we choose the most interesting to implement. They receive from us organizational and financial support (up to 10 thousand zlotys), so that in the second stage – during the Review – they may show their performances before the audience and the jury. 

The Toucan OFF Award – statuette and 10 thousand zlotys – goes to the best show chosen by to the jury.

Small projects, yet more and more often carried out by experienced theatre professionals, look at stage singing as if from the side, and usually exceed the limits of the definition. It seems that this year’s contestants watch today’s reality deeper than ever: tere will be performances about women in contemporary Poland, about respect for otherness, about online hate and cyberbullying, among others.

Pieśni Czarownicy (Witch Songs)
The Witches Choir from Poznan in predatory and lyrical songs about women and contemporary society

dir. David Tejer, Franek Przybylski
Warsaw, 1941. A young Jewish actress of the ghetto theatre meets the film director who came from the future to save her

Trololo – Przesłania najjaśniejsze (Trololo –Brightest Messages)
Małgorzata Wojciechowska and Maciej Zakrzewski about online hate and cyberbullying

Gdzie jest Zip Coon? (Where is Zip Coon?)
dir. Agata Baumgart
Spectacle in the convention of “minstrel-shows”, the 19th century entertainment performances: the story about identity, image and respect for otherness

Tańce polskie (Polish Dances)
Karbido in compositions for string quartet and modified voice preparations of the selected personages of Polish political scene

dir. Aga Błaszczak
What makes us want to get away from civilization? The scenario based on the book by Jon Krakauer “Into the Wild”