The Bydgoszcz-Warsaw team released a new album last year. “Nie wiem” (“I do not know”) is a continuation of a bold and lonely walk along the path chosen over 30 years ago by the vocalist and poet Grzegorz Kaźmierczak. Variété does not take shortcuts. The music is dense, the lyrics – meaningful and aesthetics – open. There is a place for trip-hop, coldwave, dub, electronics and jazz. It is difficult today for Kaźmierczak and the company – precursors of the Polish coldwave – to get attributed to any of the fashionable trends. The pulsating and metaphysical atmosphere of the Variété music warms up the imagination, reaches deeply, disturbs and… remains in your head.

DJ Patrysia plays after the concert

Foto: M. Poloch ©PPA