Osiecka Male Style

Time: 75 minutes, no intermission

Marcin Januszkiewicz: vocal, Jacek Kita: keyboards, Łukasz Czekała: electric violin, Bartek Alber Serafinowicz: guitar, Piotr Domagalski: bass guitar

Last year Marcin Januszkiewicz won the Song Interpretation Contest (with “Song of Polish Legions” and a war song “Before the Day Comes” by Krzysztof Komeda with the words of Agnieszka Osiecka). The work of Osiecka, the greatest Polish poetess of song, was close to him for a long time – he has performed her songs and succeeded on many other occasions before – so he devoted his debut album to her.

The album consists of bold (yet far from the aesthetics of shock) versions of great hits and little-known songs. Januszkiewicz is an actor, so he understands that words usually mean “something”. However, he is not subjected to terror of interpretation –he knows well that sometimes lyrics are just for fun; he is also a musician, so he juggles vocal conventions freely, bends “immortal” phrases, uses his voice as an instrument, with the discreet, electronic accompaniment of his bandmates.

“Osiecka Male Style” is – as the title itself suggests – a work distant from school correctness, closer to the adventurous spirit of Wroclaw’s toucan feast. Musically modern and pugnacious, lyrically – exactly as it is necessary to move, amuse and disarm the world with irony.

Photo Roman Kalinowski

Foto: T. Walkow ©PPA