Camille: OUÏ

Time: 90 minutes, no intermission

Camille: vocal, piano, Gisela Razanatovo, Maddly Mendy Sylva, Christelle Lassort: choir, Clément Ducol: drums, choir, Martin Gamet: bass guitar, drums, choir, Johan Dalgaard: keyboards, piano, choir

In her native France Camille is a star whose albums regularly make the bestsellers lists. Her grace, musicality and voice – natural and gentle – inspire composers responsible for the soundtracks of world film productions. For example, Hans Zimmer asked her to sing a few songs in the animated film “The Little Prince” after the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

She is a Parisian, well-educated (she studied literature and political science), deeply rooted in French musical culture. Her latest album “OUÏ”, registered in the 14th-century monastery in Avignon, is a dazzling mosaic of folk songs, hymns, ballads, lullabies and a cappella performances. Shortly before the album was recorded, Camille gave birth to her second child. “Motherhood made me want to tell about the spring of life,” says the artist. And she remembers her late father: “He gave me the love for music. I sing for him, as beautifully as I can, hoping he hears those songs wherever he is now. ”

Diverse music is based on a simple concept: the basis of each composition are simple, clear melodies played on… the drum. The fans will enjoy the bonus release of “OUÏ”, where the music is presented in the raw version (only this drum – le tambour – and Camille’s voice – la voix); there’s also more “affordable” recording, where the sketches are encapsulated with sophisticated electronics, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal set in a rich, though legible, context.
Photo: promo material

Foto: T. Walkow ©PPA